The Company

Cardinal is a protocol and product suite on Solana designed to enhance the utility of NFTs and empower the next generation of on-chain digital assets. Through its core set of smart contracts, associated SDKs, and UI/UX tooling that together achieve what can be best described as conditional token ownership, Cardinal is powering a variety of utility-centric NFT use cases, including rentals, subscriptions, staking, ticketing, identity, and more.

The Role

We are looking to increase our focus on partnership/collaboration opportunities, with the goal of expanding our footprint both within and outside of the Solana ecosystem by maximizing integrations and usage of our protocols and associated tools. Accordingly, we are hiring a full-time Business Development Manager to lead this effort.

We need a candidate that will aggressively pursue strong partnership opportunities across the entire spectrum of potential clients, including everything from Web3 native projects to more traditional Web2 companies. The candidate will research & communicate with any and all prospects that could theoretically benefit from any one of our many tools related to rentals/subscriptions, staking, ticketing/IRL token-gated access, or identity/soul-bound tokens. At the same time, we’ll rely on the candidate to maintain and cultivate our existing partnerships.



Preferred but not Required**:**